Internship at Columbia University

By Gemma Dalfo-Zay

We came into this internship believing we would be working on a telescope, it turned out in fact that it was in Texas and that instead we would be working on HTML programming and an arduino uno. I was skeptical at first, as I had never worked with either before but as time passed I became fascinated. This is a journal detailing my 5 day internship at Columbia University.

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Day 1: Getting Acquainted With HTML Programming and Arduino

Day 2: More Fun With Arduino Uno

Day 3: Pushing Buttons

Day 4: Measuring Temperature

Day 5: Pizza Party and Liquid Nitrogen

Links That I Used To Get Started

HTML Color Codes

HTML Basics

Video - Using Mac TextEdit With HTML To Make A Website

Arduino Uno Sketches

Blinking LED Sketch

Multiple Blinking LEDs Sketch

LED Fade In-Fade Out Sketch

Switching LEDs Pushbutton Sketch

Temperature Sensor Sketch

Motion Sensor Sketch

Photos Below