Rashida, Nicholas, and Ms. Dole's Summer BLAST in Professor Miller's Experimental Cosmology Lab at Columbia University

Ms. Jhumki, a physics teacher at School For Democracy and Leadership, helped us get a great opportunity to work in an Experimental Cosmology Lab at Columbia University for the summer, we got a chance to find out who becomes a physicist and why. During this summer program we learned more about the BIG BANG and why it happened, as well as new technology that is being launched in Chile and Antarctica. We got a chance to help improve the technology that is being launched.

Nicholas and Rashida with staff members.
When doing research about the big bang we came to conclude that scientists have a lot of evidence about how it happened. They are still trying to find out more about it.

The hallways of our school, School for Democracy and Leadership, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

This program was funded by a National Science Foundation Grant.
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